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1615H BLACK 122 Amazon 2 door upholstery set - black leather


A compete set of interior upholstery for your Volvo 122 (2 door). Consists of:
2 front seats- bottom cushion leather upholstery only
2 front seats- back rest leather upholstery only
The holes in the back rest upholstery are not cut. If the headrest option is present on your seat, you will cut the holes for the installation as needed.
2 front seats headrest leather upholstery only.
1 rear bench seat bottom leather upholstery only.
1 rear bench seat back rest leather upholstery only.
1 rear bench seat center arm rest leather upholstery only.
2 front door panes drivers and passengers side, upholstered with leather , on the new pressed board, ready for installation
clips are not included.
2 rear quarter panel upholstery leather covers-
these have to be installed over your existing rear quarter panels.
The holes for the ashtrays are not cut out on upholstery. If you going to ride with the smokers in the back seat- you can have the ashtray elements replaced after mounting of the leather is completed.

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