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Volvo 850, 960, S70, Dash board , speedometer and Switch Bulb T3030


Dash Panel Switch Bulbs for
Volvo 850,
Volvo 960,
Volvo S70,
12v 30 ma 20mm long wire contacts.
These bulbs are installed on the inside of the Interior switches , also on the stereos for any 850, 960, S70.
Used on fog light, headlight, heated seat, central locking, rear fog light switches and inside of the stereos.
In order to replace the burned out bulb, the switch has to be removed from the dashboard and white base bulb holder removed from the switch.
You will have to unwrap the ends of the miniature bulbs long wire contacts in order remove it from the base.
Install the new bulb in its place, wrap the wires contact around the base the same way.
Install bulb with the holder in to the switch and switch back in to the dash board.
If you are looking for the instructions on the repairs of the Volvo stereo, including the display repairs- we sell the instructions manual for that.

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