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VOLVO 850, S70, V70, 960, S90, SPEEDOMETER 10 BULB KIT ONLY T51212


This is one set of 10 light bulbs 1.2 watt with 20 MM long wire contacts.
These bulbs are installed on the BACK of the speedometer, for any
Volvo 850,
Volvo 960 95-97,
Volvo S90 98-00,
Volvo V90 98-00,
Volvo S70 98-00,
Volvo V70 98-00,
Volvo C70 98-04.
typically, there is a bulb with the blue mounting base, just like shown on the right side of the picture.
The idea is to replace burned out element of the bulb with the new one.
In order to replace the burned out bulb, the speedometer has to be removed from the dashboard and the blue base bulb holder( that is suspected to not function) removed from the speedometer and tested.
Ohm meter or the 9 volt battery will do the job.
Remember, always test the bulb first! Replacing the bulb element, when found to be defective,is sort of a precision work, but you are saving $13.00 per each bulb...
You will have to separate the silver terminals from the bulb base by pushing on the locking tab of the terminal.
Once the bulb element is removed from the base, the ends of the miniature bulbs wire contacts can be twisted off their terminals.
Install the silver terminals back in to the base. Install the new bulb, with the ling wires pointing up in to the base and wrap the wire contact around the silver contact ears.
You can solder them to the contacts if you are feeling crafty.
Install bulb with the holder in to the speedometer and speedometer back in to the dash board.

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