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1367253, Volvo 240, 260, Fuel Level Gauge Sensor Unit Fuel Sender

PART NUMBER: 1367253

1367253 Fuel Level Gauge Sensor Unit Fuel Sender.
*Pre-pump not included.*
If your customer’s Volvo has a difficult time starting, dead fuel level gauge, vehicle does not run properly when the gas tank is at least half full, or the unit simply rusted out and fell apart you need order one of these units IMMEDIATELY.
TThis is a good item to have in stock, because the 240 series Volvo's are not going to die out. Many of you have done the replacement procedure numerous times, and for those of you that have; to replace this, you do not have to remove the gas tank from the car. It can be done through the trunk. In the trunk you will find a galvanized plate that is secured by 4 screws with 10 mm head. Remove the plate and there is your fuel sending unit.

For Volvo 240 Years 1978-93,
Volvo 260 Years 1977-82

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