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Volvo 240 244 245 DL GL 1986-1990 AC Condenser R-134 comatible1259556

PART NUMBER: 1259556

AC condenser for Volvo 240 series made from 1986 through 1990 sedans and station wagons.
This R-134 Freon gas compatible condenser upgrade has parallel flow aluminum core . Quality rigid design and materials . Condenser mounting brackets at both ends of the assembly . The Inlet and the outlet port are FACING each other. This is an updated design AC condenser, that is featuring latest automobile Air conditioning industry trends. This is a MUST HAVE component when converting R-12 gas filled Air conditioning system of your Volvo 240 series to a R 134 Freon gas compatible system. R-12 filled AC systems are found on the earlier Volvo 240 models .

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